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Brigel Vineyards strives to offer artisinal, unique and exceptional wines. Hand selected rows of grapes within individual blocks of the vineyards throughout New York State and California, allow the winery to produce wines for the restaurant and retail trade looking for top quality semi sweet/dry wines to sip and enjoy at fair market values. Tradition, innovation, and the highest winemeaking standards form the essense of Brigel Vineyards.
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Brigel Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Brigel VIneyards Reisling Brigel Vineyards  Rubi Red

Brigel Cabernet Sauvignon is a superb young dry wine. To preserve its fruitiness and lively aroma of fresh dark berries, the wine was short aged with premium oak for only 3 months, but is still presenting plums and vanilla flavor on the nose. Serve at room temperature.

This semi dry, white wine has delicate floral notes that are combined with its opulent and racy aroma. The exact sugar balance result a complex texture with comfortable finish. Nicely pairs with baked salmon fish and spicy snacks. Best served slightly chilled.

Brigel Vineyards Sullivan Red Brigel Vineyards Sullivan White Brigel Vineyards Merlot
Brigel Vineyards Merlot
Price: $24.99


This young, semi sweet, red wine  displays a beautiful purple color and soft texture, with hints of caramel chocolate on the nose. The fresh berry and fruity flavors willl pair best with American style cuisine, spicy red meats, and heavy marble cakes. Brigel Sullivan Red is best served chilled.

One of the most distinctive qualities of Brigel Sullivan White is its exceptional character.This is accomplished by a vertical blending of the finest white grapes of different styles. This wine strongly presents a a grapefruit flavor on the nose, with a long finish that has an appealing hint of sweetened lemon.

Brigel Merlot is a young wine showing off an exceptional character of red forest fruit flavors. Complex aromas of toffee and black cherry appear on the nose, and are rounded with well balanced soft tannins. Brigel Merlot will best pair with roasted chicken and grilled lamb. Serve at room temperature.

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2014 Zinfandel - Handpicked in Amador County, California. Brigel 2014 Zinfandel is blood-red in color. The distinct elegant aromas of this Zinfandel reminds of a wood fire place, sipping dark roasted black coffee. The complex and rich texture of this exceptional wine is best suited when served at room temperature with grilled steaks, or heavy pasta dishes.

2013 Merlot - Vinted with grapes handpicked in Lodi, California. Brigel 2013 Merlot has been fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged in premium American oak barrels, as a result this wine is showing off an exceptional character of red forest fruit flavors. Complex aromas of toffee and black cherry appear on the nose, rounded with soft tannins. This Merlot wine will best pair roasted chicken and grilled lamb. To gain its peak characters serve at room temperature.

2013 cabernet Sauvignon - Vinted with grapes handpicked in Lodi, California. This superb Cabernet Sauvignon has been fermented in Stainless still tanks, and short aged in premium American new oak barrels for just three months, to preserve its fruitiness, and lively aroma of fresh dark berries. This wine presents a strong vanilla flavor with Exciting spicy aromas. Serve at room temperature

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2014 Petit Sirah and 2014 Syrah