Allied Wine Corp.
The King of Kosher Wine and Spirits

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Who we are

Allied Wine Corp. is a family owned and operated winery and distillery, with a combined team of experience and practice of over 50 years in winemaking and distillation. Together, we present the highest quality kosher wine and spirits, proudly treated to serve as the best specialty and unique kosher wines. Today Allied Wine Corp. is leading the latest trends in kosher market with the highest trust of wine and spirit lovers, it is nothing more than a simple result of our effort in originality and authentication.

The Short story
The history of perfection in winemaking at Allied Wine Corp. is going back to the world known Schapiro’s Wine Company where Nathen Schwartz was recruit in 1976 as the chief winemaker and cellar master until 1985, when he switched to Tirosh Wine Inc. were he produced the famous Tirosh wine and grape juice for 8 years.

He is also credited in the kosher wine market of being the first maker and explorer of light soft wines known today as Kiddush wines, becoming the perfect choice for the non sophisticated Kiddush wine drinkers, and finally strongly brought into the market today's highly popular styles of the easy drinking Kiddush wines, setting the new standard in the global kosher wine market.

In 1993 he founded with the help of his sons Herman and Moshe his own wine cellar to produce wines under the highest standards of quality and kashrus, where they continued providing the market with great traditional wines under today’s popular “Armon” brand .
They then expended the business to produce wines under private labels for large scale distributors around the globe.

In 1999, Nathen and his sons started distilling small lots of premium wine brandy. Later they added the Armon plum brandy, known as Slivovitz, which improved with every batch. They continued all that on a limited scale company to stay focused on his agenda of creating only top quality products.

The king of kosher wine and spirits
In 2006 they reorganized the company in a new modern wine cellar in Monticello, New York and expended to a full line of wine and spirits traditional and upscale premium products, and very shortly it became known in the worldwide kosher wine market as "the king of kosher wine and spirits", thanks to loyalty of a family operation.

At Monticello Winery we continue our mission to only be using our own wine and grape sources, from crush to the bottle in our own state of the art plant, enabling us to stay in top of the quality in our products, in addition we carry the strongest rabbinical supervisions which guarantees the purity of our ingredients.

The sparkling wine revolution
We brought into the kosher market a flow of fine creamy and mellow tasting sparkling wines, a choice of red, white and rose, originated and explored by Nathen back in the mid 1980’s leaving in shadow the traditional champagne wines.

One revolution after another
In 2008 we launched a revolutionary new line by carefully creating wines from selected grapes from New York state and California, as well as premium French hybrid grapes, under the new brand “Brigel Vineyards” presenting very high scale and unique wines, at fair market prices. This was an exciting presentation to kosher wine lovers to enjoy the same privilege of the non-kosher wine masters.

Another revolution; raising interest in kosher spirits
Allied Wine Corp. is strongly responsible for today's movement in the orthodox jewish community of drinking only real kosher schnapps by exploring the two most famous brands in the kosher liqueur market “Seven Springs” Brandy and “Stropkov” Vodka.